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With deep industry experience, insight and technical support JED Consulting can help clients gain insights into emerging issues. We assist boards and senior managers enhance their value, quality and effectiveness.

Our Values

Our values define who we are. They are fundamental beliefs of our local organization. They guide our actions and behaviors.

Client Commitment. Becoming successful requires focusing on our clients and understanding their needs. We seek to earn long-term client loyalty by developing a deep understanding of each client's business and personal goals.

Excellence. Exceeding expectations through teamwork and innovation.

Collaboration- Working together with people who support common values and vision to achieve shared goals.


Our Vision

The firm's vision is to be the premier internal audit, information security  and business consulting firm, by every measure that matters. 

 Our Mission

The consulting will be done by working together with you in order to know your business well, including it's strengths, obstacles, opportunities, and threats defining achievable objectives and action plans.



How JED can help with Your Organizational Challenges

IT security and controls consulting


JED Conslting performs IS Security Reviews. We examine the management conrols within the IT infrastructure of a speific corporate enviroronment. The evaluation of obtained evidence determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintainig data integriy and operating effectively to achieve the organizations goals and or objectives.

Specifically JED can help conduct reviews of your organization,  including, general systems controls, infrastructure controls and application controls. Do you have an independent partner that can participate in projects related to the implementation of new technologies and business applications and offer risk and control consulting and advice to management. We can recommend and negotiate appropriate technical solutions to manage identified risks.

Organizations must conduct continuous risk assessment of the information technology environment. Therefore, your team could benefit from a trusted advisor to work in partnership with audit management, business management, and other risk/control functions to ensure that processes, business activities, and internal controls are effective in managing operational, financial, regulatory, and business risks.


1. Identify gaps in your processes and determine if and how cloud can help fill those gaps.

2. Estimate risks versus potential rewards using tool like cost benefit and ROI analysis.

3. Identify business integration issues in your entity, with specific emphasis on data that is now scattered across the enterprise.

4. Assess the economics and risk profile of a private versus a public cloud.

5. Determine how operating continuity and disaster recovery will factor into your cloud migration strategy.

6. Evaluate the interoperability of cloud solutions against current applications, platforms and infrastructure.

Why risk is an issue for web applications? Developers are not security professionals. Application development stresses functionality, not security. Lack of awareness of security issues in development and lack of effective testing tools in quality assurances are also issues that need to be addressed.